Many old tin bearing mines were worked in this area called Blue Tier. At the St. Helens history room a  information can be found about the towns of Goulds Country, Lottah and Poimena. While in the area visit the Anchor stampers well hidden in the bush.  As some of the walking tracks have taken the path of  the old roads to other mines and now are closed to traffic and really overgrown. You do not need a four wheel drive to get to Poimena but to do a round trip using Sun Flats Road and Murdochs Road to make a scenic adventure trip you will have some  scratchy and  rocky surfaces as it could also be wet anytime. Use map Tasmania 1:25000 series Blue Tier. Poimena has grassy areas were people can camp in a number of spots. The ocean can be seen from just a few spots through the hills.

Braddon Four Wheel Drive  Club

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