Climies Track

The Braddon Four Wheel Drive Club members have been using this track since we owned a four wheel drive. Using a 1:100 000 topographic map Pieman it is one of the easy tracks to find weather you start on the northern end or the southern end. At the moment March 2007 a bridge  has collapsed and no one seams interested in fixing. A long span over St. Clair Creek fell away as a older bypass can be navigated through the creek. Recommended to be heading north for this  track and have high lifted vehicle or locking diffs. Experienced drivers with more than one vehicle and watch the flow of the creeks level. As the rest of the track is rocky and  water ruts in overgrown areas. No really long steep climbs, but always watch where one is driving. Its concentrating driving for the inexperienced. A number of old mines and scenic views of the Southern Ocean to be seen and inland mountain ranges. The four wheel drive clubs in Tasmania have spent  time and money on some bridge building on this track. A popular place for first timers and experienced. Could rain anytime and the wind could stop for an hour or two The closet fuel supply is Zeehan and check out the local museum if time permits. To the north is Grandville Harbour, as to the south is Trial Harbour which both are worth a look if you are in the area. A number of old mines dot the area with tourmaline scattered in a large area even on the track on the southern end.

                     Wheel Bay, Cliff Mine and Cornwell Mine

These areas can be visited by turning off the Climies Track only ten minutes from Trial Harbour. Use map 1:25 000 series Trial. If wet the surface will be slippery, some rocky and slight overgrown sections to the Cliff mine. Not to be missed if passing this part of Tasmania. Could be windy anytime. Good cloths and footwear.

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