Wyniford River

The Wyniford Tin Mining Company was like many mines in the area and Tasmania which had large amounts of money spent on fields which produced poor returns of tin. To find this field which is not far from Pioneer and visit the Blue Lake at South Mt. Cameron if in this area. North of Pioneer turn into Tebrakunna Road. Drive past the Garibaldi Road (interesting drive here too) not many sign posts in this area. After three bridge crossings from Pioneer a road will appear on the southern side called Three Notch Road. Only a small handful of Braddon members have ventured into this road. As there are a number of tracks heading in all directions with evidence of mine workings and dams but do not look like they venture too far on the maps, but must have been put in for a reason. Its an area which needs a bit more exploring using maps Lanka 1:25 000 or Forester 1:100 000 The driving could be scratchy and track water worn sandy surface in places. Thick bush with small water crossings.

                                        Storys Creek / Rossarden

The club has stayed in an accommodation building at Storeys Creek which was part of the mining services when the mine was in operation. Plus a number a small trips through Gipps Creek, Rossarden ,Tower hill and Mangana. Using 1:25000 maps Stacks, Mangana, Stanhope and Rossarden there are more tracks to be explored than one could hope for. Old mines, water races, dams, car bodies are in abundance. A lot of unknown history here. The driving is very mixed as clay, sandy tracks, rocky outcrops with some overgrown steep sections. A lot of forestry operations towards the Tower Hill and Mathinna locations. But most of the roads are forestry, bush tracks as four wheel drive is not needed. Not unusual to find a tree across the road as the bush is thick under the eastern side of Ben Lomond. No shops or service stations at these old mining towns for some time now. Yet Rossarden has a Club (pub). The area yielded 13,000 tons of tin concertantes and 10,000 tons of wolfram up until 1959 Some of the worlds best tin crystals were found in the Aberfoyle mine at Rossarden.  Days of driving around this could be had following a map.

Braddon Four Wheel Drive  Club