†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Darwin Plateau

Drive through South Queenstown and Lynchford heading to the southern end of Lake Burbury which will take you over Mt. Jukes. Great views all around, down the mountain then past the Darwin Dam Wall. Onto dirt road which also will take you to Mt. McCall onto the Franklin River. If you decide you want to use that track you will need a permit and key from Parks in Queenstown. Also a shorter track goes to the Bird River which ends on the old railway line which the last rails were pulled up in 1929. You can walk to Kelly Basin from the car park. If its wet four wheel drive is needed. Walking here into history is Magnificent.† The turn off for Darwin Plateau is just south of leaving Lake Burbury is S 42 16 833 E 45 36 860 on the left. You can see some markings from bulldozers around a gravel pit which you will drive through. To reach the end of this track its steep, loose rock, large rocky outcrops weathered, overgrown branches as you drive up to a view like no other in Tasmania looking down onto Macquarie Harbour. Mt. Darwin is 1031 meters high according to the maps. Not to be negotiated alone here as steep drop offs and tricky washouts encountered. One of the clubs most changelings adventures here.

†††††††††††††††††† Mt. McCall

Before starting this journey you will need a permit which a key will be given from the Parks and Wildlife office in Queenstown. Just continue on past Lake Burbury and the Darwin Dam wall on the southern end of this fisherman's water body. To reach the Franklin River it is not too hard of a trip as four wheel drive is need over a few tricky corners and wash outs. Its not really overgrown at the moment 2007. At the end of the track a drop over to walk to the Franklin River is steep and bushy but a lot of people do it as itís the closest you can get to the south west corner in a vehicle.

This is one of the clubs mystery spots which we pass by at different times exploring† around our state. Come on a trip as a visitor and you could see this historical site not known to any† tourist .

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