Balfour Track and Mt. Balfour

 The Mt Balfour mining field was a alluvial tin mining and exploration region from 1884 till the1920s. Wolfram was mined by small mining claims, as the town of Balfour grew and interest in the area from business companies from Launceston grew also. A easy access was needed so the Government started a tramline  besides a horse and cart track to the western district near Temma which was on the coast and known as Whale Head. Many mining leases were taken up by various owners for a town which never had more than a sawmill and a hotel, plus the miners homesteads with a weekly mail service. Mt Balfour is in the Norfolk Range surrounded by low lying swamp. Black peat soil which does not drain. To drive on this track on end will be found off the Western Explorer road (dirt)  which has a landing strip to the north. Also on the coast off the Temma Road (sand and rock) just on Possum Creek turning inland S 41 16 165  E 144 48 405 the start of the track will be found. Could be scratchy depending on recent fires, will be a lot of water crossings in stony creeks and very long muddy water holes. Creeks could be up to bonnet deep. Need good tyres and recovery gear, advisable not to travel alone in this area. Its windy and rains a lot, warm clothing and extra food is recommended. To go over Mt Balfour the track turns off for a slight detour. To access Mt Balfour it is boggy flat going then long and steep on the northern end, while the eastern end is very steep, stony and boggy. Nice Sunday drive for the experienced. Tasmap 1:100 000 topographic map of Sandy Cape would be handy.

Braddon Four Wheel Drive  Club